Where To Buy Hopslam Beer

Where To Buy Hopslam Beer

Brewed by Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Hopslam is a double IPA that is released annually in the winter. The beer is well-known for its intense hoppy flavor, which is a result of the addition of honey.

Hopslam is available in most states, and can be found in both bottle and can form. It is often distributed through liquor stores and beer distributors, but may also be available at some grocery stores and convenience stores.

The price of Hopslam varies depending on the location, but it typically costs around $10 for a six-pack of bottles or cans.


Is hopslam still available?

Is hopslam still available?

Brewers everywhere are asking this question as the annual release of this highly sought-after Double IPA nears. Hopslam is a Double IPA made with honey that is released each winter by Bell’s Brewery.

The beer is typically brewed with six different hop varieties, giving it a unique flavor and aroma. It has been described as fruity, floral, and piney, with a sweet honey finish.

Hopslam has gained a cult-like following in the beer community, and is often difficult to find due to its limited release. It is available in select states in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Brewers and beer lovers are wondering if Hopslam will be released again this year. Bell’s has not announced anything yet, but it is likely that the beer will be released in January or February.

If you are lucky enough to find Hopslam this year, be sure to enjoy it while you can. It is sure to disappear fast.

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What states is Bell’s beer sold in?

Bells beer is a popular craft beer that is made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The beer is sold in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.

What kind of beer is Bell’s Hopslam?

Bells Hopslam is a unique beer that can be hard to categorize. It is an IPA, but it has a lot of malt and honey in it, which give it a sweet flavor. It is a very strong beer, with an alcohol content of 10%.

Hopslam is a seasonal beer, and it is only available from January to March. It is made by Bell’s Brewery in Michigan.

People who have tried Hopslam describe it as being very smooth and drinkable for a beer that is 10% alcohol. They also say that it has a complex flavor that is a mix of hops, malt, and honey.

If you are looking for a unique and strong IPA, Bell’s Hopslam is definitely worth a try.

How strong is hopslam?

Hopslam is a double IPA brewed by Bell’s Brewery. It is made with honey and hops, giving it a sweet and bitter flavor. The beer is 10% ABV and has a IBUs of 100.

Hopslam is a very strong beer. It is 10% ABV, which is higher than most beers. It also has a IBUs of 100, which is very high. This makes Hopslam one of the strongest and most bitter beers available.

What does hopslam taste like?

Brewed by Bell’s Brewery, Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Hopslam is a double IPA that is 10% ABV. It is a seasonal beer that is released in January and February.

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Hopslam is a heavily hopped beer with a lot of malt character. It has a sweet taste with a hoppy, bitter finish. The hop flavor is intense and lingers on the palate.

How long is hopslam good for?

How long is hopslam good for?

Hopslam is a popular double IPA brewed by Bell’s Brewery. It is a highly hopped beer with a 10% ABV. It is available from January to March.

Hopslam is a highly hopped beer. The hops used in the beer give it a bitter, floral flavor. The beer also has a high alcohol content, which helps to preserve it.

Hopslam is available from January to March. The high alcohol content and the hops used in the beer help to preserve it. The beer can be stored at room temperature and will be good for up to six months.

Who makes hopslam?

Hopslam is one of the most sought-after beers in the United States, but many beer enthusiasts are curious about who makes this popular brew.

The beer is a collaboration between Bell’s Brewery and Imperial Yeast, and it is made with a combination of malt, hops, and yeast.

The malt comes from a number of different sources, including two-row barley, wheat, and Munich malt. The hops come from a variety of locations, including the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and New Zealand.

The yeast is a proprietary strain from Imperial Yeast. This yeast is responsible for the beer’s unique flavor and aroma.

Hopslam is a limited release beer, and it is only available for a few months each year.