Who Dey Beer

Who Dey Beer is a Cincinnati-based brewery that was founded in 2016. The brewery is named after the popular chant of the Cincinnati Bengals football team.

Who Dey Beer is a small brewery that produces a variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and sours. The brewery is known for its innovative and experimental beers, and its beers are available in cans and on tap at local bars and restaurants.

Who Dey Beer is a popular brewery in Cincinnati, and its beers have won several awards at local beer festivals. The brewery is expanding its distribution to other states in the near future.


Why do the Bengals say Who Dey?

The Bengals are a professional football team that is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The team has been around since 1968, and they are a member of the National Football League (NFL). The Bengals are best known for their chant, “Who Dey?” which is unique to the team.

So why do the Bengals say “Who Dey?” There are a few different theories on this. One theory is that the chant originated with the fans. It is said that the chant started as a way for fans to motivate the team. Another theory is that the chant was created by then-Bengals coach Paul Brown. Coach Brown is said to have created the chant to help motivate his team.

Regardless of where the chant originated, it has become a trademark of the Bengals. The team has even trademarked the phrase “Who Dey?” The Bengals use the phrase on their merchandise and in their advertising.

The phrase “Who Dey?” is a popular one among Bengals fans. In fact, a survey conducted by the team found that 93% of fans knew the chant. The chant is often used to get fans excited before games.

So why do the Bengals say “Who Dey?” There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, it is clear that the chant is an important part of the team’s identity.

Do they still make Who Dey beer?

Do they still make Who Dey beer?

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The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Cincinnati-based brewery Christian Moerlein has been brewing up batches of Who Dey beer since 2010, and it remains a popular choice among football fans in the city.

Who Dey beer is a light, refreshing lager that is perfect for watching a game. The beer is available in six-packs and on tap at restaurants and bars throughout Cincinnati.

If you’re visiting Cincinnati and want to try some Who Dey beer, be sure to head to the Christian Moerlein taproom, which is located in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The taproom is open seven days a week and offers tours of the brewery.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty and refreshing football-themed brew, be sure to try Who Dey beer!

Who Dey Bengals beer?

Who Dey Bengals beer is the official beer of the Cincinnati Bengals, a professional American football team based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The beer is a collaboration between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, a local brewery in Cincinnati.

Who Dey Bengals beer is a light lager that is golden in color and has a malt-forward flavor. It is available in draft form at Bengals games and other local venues, as well as in cans at local stores.

The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company has a long history in Cincinnati, dating back to 1853. It was one of the first breweries in the city, and it continues to be one of the largest and most popular. In addition to Who Dey Bengals beer, the company also produces a variety of other beers, including lagers, IPAs, and stouts.

The Cincinnati Bengals were founded in 1968 as an expansion team in the American Football League. They joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the merger between the two leagues. The Bengals have won two division championships and made five playoff appearances.

Who Dey beer cans 2022?

Who Dey beer cans 2022?

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced that they will be releasing a limited edition of Who Dey beer cans in 2022. The cans will feature the team’s logo and slogan and will be available only to fans in the Cincinnati area.

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The team has not yet announced the details of the beer that will be included in the cans, but it is likely that it will be a local craft beer. The Bengals have a longstanding partnership with local brewery Christian Moerlein, and they have previously released limited edition beers in collaboration with the brewery.

The Bengals first introduced the Who Dey slogan in the early 1990s and it has become one of the team’s most iconic trademarks. The slogan was created by longtime Bengals radio announcer Paul Browning and it is a play on the words “Who Dat?”, which is popularized by the New Orleans Saints.

The Bengals have released a number of different merchandise items with the Who Dey slogan over the years, including T-shirts, hats, and even cookies. The team has also used the slogan in their marketing campaigns, including a recent ad campaign that featured wide receiver A.J. Green.

The limited edition Who Dey beer cans are sure to be a popular item among Bengals fans and they are sure to sell out quickly. If you’re a fan of the Bengals or of craft beer, be sure to mark down 2022 on your calendar and make sure to get your hands on a can or two of Who Dey beer.

What is the meaning behind Who Dey?

The Cincinnati Bengals football team has had a popular chant since the 1980s. “Who Dey?” is the rallying cry of the fans, and it has become a part of the Bengals culture. But what is the meaning behind Who Dey?

There are several theories about the origins of the chant. One theory is that it was created by fans of the Bengals’ rival team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fans of the Steelers would chant, “Who Dat?” as a way to taunt the Bengals. The Bengals fans then adopted the chant and changed it to “Who Dey?”

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Another theory is that the chant originated from a 1980s advertising campaign for a Cincinnati department store called The Who Dey Store. The slogan of the store was “Who Dey think they is?”

Whatever the origins of the chant may be, it is now a part of the Bengals culture and is used to show support for the team. “Who Dey?” is usually chanted by the fans when the Bengals are playing a big game or are making a big play.

Who invented Who Dey?

Who invented Who Dey? The answer to that question is a bit of a mystery, as there is no one definitive answer. However, the popular cheer is often attributed to former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Sam Wyche.

Wyche is said to have first used the cheer in 1988, during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals were losing late in the game, but managed to come back and win. Wyche reportedly came up with the cheer to motivate his players and help them believe in themselves.

Who Dey has since become one of the most popular cheers in the NFL, and is often used by fans of other teams as well. It’s a simple but catchy cheer, and it’s easy to see why it has become so popular.

Who Dey beer origin?

Who Dey beer is a Cincinnati Bengals-themed beer that was created in 2010 by Christian Moerlein Brewing Company. The beer is a pale ale that is brewed with orange peel and ginger.

The beer was created as a way to show support for the Cincinnati Bengals. The beer’s name is a reference to the team’s popular chant, “Who Dey?” The beer is available in cans and on draft.

Who Dey beer has been well-received by fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. The beer has also been praised for its flavor and its ability to help supporters of the team celebrate and show their support for the team.